Winter is coming… its time to address your coffee offering in preparation for this most important time of year for caterers!

Not so long ago, we learnt that even the world of Game of Thrones was preparing for winter with a hot coffee after eagle-eyed viewers spotted Daenerys with a takeaway cup close at hand.

Now that winter really is coming and memories of long summer days are fading, it is time for caterers to prepare to make the most of this profitable time of year by investing in coffee equipment from Caffeine Limited.

With Brits drinking 95million coffees a day, and winter bringing with it the kind of weather that drives consumers towards hot beverages any caterer not making the most of their coffee offering looks set to miss out.

By investing in new machinery and accessing the knowledge and experience of the Caffeine Limited team, any business can perfect their coffee offering and tailor it to their environment. Even if coffee isn’t your business’s main focus, having a space and the facility to offer a coffee to your visitors can add a valuable revenue stream all year round.

Conti X1 Coffee Machine with Caffeine Ltd
Schaerer Coffee Soul MAchine with Caffeine Ltd

Within our range of machines at Caffeine Limited, there is a machine for any kind of business. The range of Conti traditional machines can be matched to any level of demand and allow the operator to bring creativity and knowledge to the preparation of their coffee. Alternatively, the quality and convenience of the Schaerer bean to cup machines make them perfect for caterers who want to be able to produce quality coffee every time without the need for constant training and experienced baristas.

To find out more about whether traditional or bean to cup machines would be more appropriate for your business, contact our team today or read our handy guide here.

Traditional VS Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

With a great training space at our Welwyn Garden City HQ and experienced barista trainers, Caffeine Limited customers can access a range of support in order to ensure that any type of coffee offering is performing perfectly.

Enquire today about any element of your coffee offering, our helpful team will be delighted to hear from you.

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