Bars, pubs, and restaurants should look towards coffee as another valuable sales opportunity, rather than a threat to their existence. Caffeine Limited can help to choose the right coffee equipment for your business whether that be a traditional Espresso machine or a Bean-to-Cup alternative.


With demand for coffee in the UK continuing to grow, the ability to offer a quality coffee product can set a pub apart from the rest. Pubs already exist as social ‘third spaces’, this should put them in the perfect position to capitalise on the growing demand for spaces to sit and drink coffee. Pubs should see this growing demand as an opportunity to capitalise on a product that will bring in customers at times of the day that traditionally see low demand for alcoholic beverages. The opportunity to offer coffee in the morning and at lunchtime, combined with the low cost of production means that pubs can make the most of a product that should fit perfectly in their environment.

Of course, to offer good coffee requires great coffee equipment. Caffeine Limited has a huge range of machinery to match any level of demand. Caffeine Limited’s Conti Espresso Machines offer pubs the opportunity to provide the drama and artistry of barista coffee. Alternatively, Caffeine Limited’s Schaerer Bean-to-Cup machines offer the ability to produce barista quality coffee at the push of a button.

Bars and pubs are perfectly placed to really make the most of the coffee revolution in the UK. Coffee should be treated with as much care and thought as the beers on tap and the bottles of wine in the cellar. With years of experience in the coffee industry, Caffeine Limited can help you to make the best decisions for your business and help you to start providing a quality coffee option to your customers.

While there are a lot of coffee machines that are suitable for this particular category, here are the top 5 Coffee Machines for pubs and Bars that are seen more often:

1. Conti CC100

The 2-group Conti CC100 is a small but perfect espresso machine for your bar or pub. It is an all-rounder of all the coffee machines in this range that saves space on your countertop while still delivering about 150 to 200 cups of coffee without any hassle. And did we mention that you could choose from a number of colours to match the aesthetics of your bar or pub?

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2. Gaggia Vetro


Known for its high quality and high reliability all around the world, the Gaggia Vetro brings in the authentic Italian coffee experience to your bar or pub without having to sacrifice a lot of your counter space. Updated with the latest technology the Gaggia Vetro would also deliver about 150 to 200 cups of coffee a day which makes it the perfect coffee machine for a bar or a pub in the UK. On top of that, its tempered glass front panel gives a great touch of elegance, durability, and a clean design experience.

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3. Schaerer Coffee Club

The Schaerer Coffee Club is another bean-to-cup coffee machine ideal for your bar and pub business. At the bare minimum, you only need a 12 to 13 amps socket and does not require to be connected with the mains for the waste. Instead, it can be tank fed or connected with the drip tray. It also offers over 40 different drink options including hot chocolate with fresh milk & fresh beans all with a push of a button. The Schaerer Coffee Club can easily serve up to 100 cups.

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4. Schaerer Soul SuperSteam

If there is a super demand for coffee but the counter space at your bar or pub is super tight, then the Schaerer SuperSteam is here to rescue you. Delivering about 250 cups a day, the Schaerer SuperSteam is the epitome of Swiss excellence and could be the superstar of your bar and pub business.

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5. Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima

From the Tesla of espresso machines, this versatile and eclectic one group coffee machine is perfect for your bar or pub business especially when you put it on a display. Being compact and still delivering 100 to 150 cups of coffee that have quality written all over it, makes the Victoria Arduino Eagle One Prima the go-to coffee machine for your business.

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Pubs and bars are perfectly positioned to capitalise on the growth in demand for coffee in the UK. Pubs and bars, already at the heart of the nation’s high street, should embrace coffee as an additional revenue stream. With the right equipment from Caffeine Limited, providing a quality coffee offering could be a real selling point.


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