Caffeine Limited’s no-nonsense service package for Gaggia, Conti and Schaerer aims to get those machines pumping coffee, ASAP.

Coffee machine specialist Caffeine Limited offers a service package that promises to deliver a top quality, practical, planned preventative maintenance contract backed by emergency call-out with the highest possible first time fix rate.  It’s available on all Gaggia, Conti and Schaerer coffee machines, plus a selection of other brands.

The service package is designed to ensure machines are regularly maintained, to maximise coffee quality and consistency as well as machine ‘up-time’. Caffeine’s service package can be tailored to each site and is delivered by a highly experienced, proactive service team. Meanwhile Caffeine’s service desk can provide telephone support for troubleshooting issues that can be easily fixed without an engineer visit or unnecessary charges. Services provided can range from a simple front-end maintenance to a full workshop service and descale.

“What operators want is minimum downtime and a reasonable contract cost,” says Justin Stockwell, managing director of Caffeine Limited.  “Regular maintenance is key but it’s also vital that, when things do go wrong, customers know they will be up and running as quickly as possible.

“The trouble with a lot of companies servicing coffee machines is that they promise more than they can deliver,” he says.  “The four hour call out is the biggest issue.  It’s unreasonable and what’s more it’s not practical.  So what you get is an engineer arriving inside four hours, but saying he can’t fix it because he doesn’t have the part, so he’ll be back tomorrow.  That may tick his ‘inside four hours’ box, but it just ends up frustrating the customer – and the machine isn’t fixed.”

Caffeine’s service package avoids the pitfalls of the four hour call out guarantee – although in busy urban areas, it often achieves it.   It does guarantee to be on site within 24 hours and, more importantly, it has a very high first time fix rate of 98.8%.

“Our job is to make sure those machines are pumping coffee.  So we aim to give the customer what they want – their machine, working, in the shortest possible time,” says Justin.

Caffeine Limited’s service package is delivered by a nationwide network of specialist engineers.  The core product is a planned preventative maintenance contract, with regular service schedules based on the site’s requirements, backed by the service desk and emergency call out support.

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