Thinking about starting your own café or coffee shop but finding yourself daunted by the decisions you have to make? Then read this blog post where we take a look at our top 5 options when looking for the best coffee machine for a coffee shop to help you make the final decision!

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Conti monte carlo Coffee machine

First on this list is a fantastic traditional coffee machine from Monaco-based coffee machine manufacturer, Conti.

The Monte Carlo sits authoritatively at the top of the Conti range. Designed for delivering outstanding consistency all day in busy and demanding coffee shop environments, the Monte Carlo is a serious machine, designed for those who want to take their coffee seriously too. A great showpiece and workhorse coffee machine for a coffee shop.

The Conti Monte Carlo achieves its high level of consistency and quality through some clever technology. Using multiple boilers and PID-controlled, heated groups reduces temperature fluctuations, a variable that is so vital to coffee quality.

Just as important as the clever internal workings of the Conti Monte Carlo are its aesthetics. Barista lights, customisable panels and quality finishings means that the machine deserves pride of place in any good coffee shop.


Schaerer Coffee Soul Bean to cup machine

Traditional coffee machines are not the only method for creating quality coffee shop coffee. Bean to Cup machines such as the Schaerer Coffee Soul provide an option that ensures the highest possible consistency of service as well as impressive speed.

The Schaerer Coffee Soul is the pinnacle of the Schaerer Bean to Cup range from Caffeine Limited. Providing total automation, uncompromising quality and a tidy footprint, the Schaerer Coffee Soul is the latest generation of Schaerer technology.

With built in chocolate units, additional syrup stations and a high output the Schaerer Coffee Soul can create a huge selection of drinks quickly. This allows for a hugely flexible and extensive menu to suit any taste and any environment.


Bunn ICB Filter Coffee Machine

Espresso coffee will always be the driving force in any coffee shop but filter coffee is a fantastic addition to any coffee menu. Providing a quick serve alternative and allowing a coffee shop to showcase another type of coffee, a filter coffee machine is a great addition.

Bunn are a US manufacturer of filter coffee machines with a proven track record of quality and respect in the coffee industry. The Bunn ICB brewer is a high capacity brewer and is able to store pre-determined coffee recipes for convenience and consistency.


The Conti CC100 is a great option for those looking for a coffee machine for a coffee shop on a budget. With its compact shape, small footprint and value for money, the CC100 is able to fit into any environment.

Available in a range of colours and with the same quality of build as the other machines in the Conti range, the CC100 is a good-looking machine that delivers great quality in a compact package!


Compak E6 Coffee Grinder

Do not neglect the grinder! Too often, the grinder is an afterthought for people who are looking for a coffee machine for their coffee shop but having a quality grinder is vital for getting the most out of a quality coffee machine.

The Compak E6 is a commercial grinder able to deliver the speed of service that busy coffee shops demand. Having a quality grinder ensures that your coffee dose and grind size are consistent and produced quickly. Failing to invest in a proper grinder can lead to poor quality coffee, even with a top of the range machine!

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