The Schaerer Coffee Art Supersteam is a bean-to-cup machine that strikes the perfect balance between the reliability and ease of use a bean-to-cup and some of the aspects of flexibility associated with a traditional machine.

Like all of the bean-to-cup machines in the Caffeine Limited range, the Schaerer Supersteam grinds fresh coffee beans to create the perfect espresso coffee, the basis for all of the most popular coffee drinks in the UK.


The brilliant thing about the Schaerer Supersteam is the ability to steam milk with an automatic steam arm to 2 different settings of foam. This allows the operator to produce lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites and americanos, the four most popular coffee types in the UK! It also allows the barista to adjust to customer requirements including using milk alternatives such as oat or soya.


With external milk steaming and preparation, this is one of the most reliable bean-to-cup machines on the market. It will keep producing quality coffee day in, day out. This reliability is improved by the ease of cleaning. With simple on-screen instructions and an almost entirely automated cleaning cycle, cleaning the Schaerer Supersteam is incredibly easy and only takes 4 minutes.


The Schaerer Supersteam has a footprint that will fit on almost any bar or counter. With a width of just 420mm, a depth of 538mm and a height of 668mm it takes up much less space than a 2-group traditional machine and can easily keep up in terms of speed of service!


The Schaerer Supersteam is able to produce up to 250 beverages per hour and two drinks at a time. This makes it one of the fastest ways to produce quality coffee in high-output environments. By steaming milk automatically in a milk jug, this machine retains some of the drama of coffee production which results in additional value for the customer, it even allows skilled baristas to pour beautiful latte art further adding to the overall coffee experience.


With 2 separate coffee bean hoppers (containers) and touch screen controls, operators can customise their coffee offering to a great extent with the help of our experienced coffee professionals.

The flexibility and speed of service that the Schaerer Coffee Art Supersteam from Caffeine Limited provides makes it perfect for Coffee Shops, Bars, Restaurants, Hotels and Airport lounges.

Enquire about the Schaerer Supersteam today and find out how it could revolutionise your coffee service!

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