The Schaerer Coffee Soul is the pinnacle of the Schaerer Bean to Cup range from Caffeine Limited. Providing total automation, uncompromising quality and a tidy footprint, the Schaerer Coffee Soul is the latest generation of Schaerer technology.

With built in chocolate units, additional syrup stations and a high output the Schaerer Coffee Soul can create a huge selection of drinks quickly. This allows for a hugely flexible and extensive menu to suit any taste and any environment.


The Best Foam technology uses a blending disk to texturise and heat the milk to create perfect creamy peaks for impressive cappuccinos or silky micro-foam for the perfect flat white and everything in between. The milk foam quality is so high that it corresponds to the highest SCAE milk foam level. With the Schaerer Coffee Soul, any one can produce perfect, barista quality coffee.


User friendly functionality allows for the option of self-service quality. The display is simple and intuitive using graphics and animated displays. The robust touchscreen minimises wear and tare damage over time.

For caterers, the Schaerer Coffee Soul allows quick service with minimal interaction from the barista. A simple button selection results in the perfect preparation of great coffee every time, allowing the barista to spend more time interacting with customers and therefore speeding up service.


One of the most important considerations regarding bean to cup coffee machines is the ease of cleaning and everyday maintenance. With the Schaerer Coffee Soul, everyday cleaning takes a matter of minutes and is guided by easy to follow animations, checked by a network of sensors. Cleaning logs can be checked to ensure compliance and maintain quality for longer. Having such a simple cleaning system ensures that proper cleaning is carried out when required.

The Schaerer Coffee Soul also includes an innovative descaling system aimed at limiting machine downtime and costly engineer call outs.

The Uptime! feature on a Schaerer Coffee Soul allows the user to descale their coffee machine using a special cartridge that, when used alongside the Uptime! programme is able to perform a descale procedure overnight, ready for use in the morning. This innovation can help to prevent scale-related malfunctions and therefore avoid downtime!


Including the fresh milk fridge, the Schaerer Coffee Soul from Caffeine Limited has a footprint of just 582mm x 600mm x 762mm (W x D x H). With an undercounter fridge the on-counter footprint width is just 330mm.

Enquire about the Schaerer Coffee Soul today and find out how it could revolutionise your coffee service!