The office kettle’s days are numbered. Fresh coffee, fresh milk and Swiss engineering mean that a Schaerer Bean to Cup Coffee machine from Caffeine Ltd is the way forward.

The office kettle has been the domain of the office intern for forever. Learning which mug belonged to who and just how each person prefers their morning brew takes up the first few days of any work experience week.

Employees are increasingly shunning this corner of their office space in favour of popping out to grab a proper coffee, in a takeaway cup. However, with developments in bean to cup machine technology, a ‘proper coffee’ can now be delivered in the workplace, without the need for an intern in the form of a fully trained barista.

At this point, some of you will be asking – what is a bean to cup machine? ‘Bean to cup’ refers to a coffee machine that processes the coffee from (yes you guessed it) bean to cup! Starting with whole beans, these machines prepare quality espresso and steam fresh milk to a quality that can make a hipster barista jealous. For the user, it is as easy as selecting your drink from the electronic menu and your quality coffee will be delivered in seconds.

For the employer, the advantages are clear. Instead of leaving the office and queuing up in a coffee shop down the road for 10 minutes, employees can get their coffee fix just 10 metres from their computer. While they’re at their desks, the caffeine from that proper coffee will have raised their metabolic rate and their productivity! Reducing time away from the desk and having happily caffeinated employees is win-win.

With leasing options costing as little as the daily coffee run and a range of reliably high-quality Swiss-made Schaerer bean to cup machines suiting different capacities and demands, Caffeine Limited can help you to find the right machine to suit your needs.

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