Walking up to the barista training room at our Caffeine Limited HQ in Welwyn Garden City feels like walking into a little piece of coffee heaven. All around are state-of-the-art coffee machines to get your hands on… and a table tennis table! Hanging bulbs, exposed bricks and glowing coffee machines make this a great space to visit for training, to explore the machines or just to try the coffee.


Having barista training in this space is a much more effective way of engaging and training baristas. The opportunity to leave the normal work environment and visit fun and unusual space like the Caffeine Limited training room creates a better level of engagement with the barista training and a feeling of being properly invested in.

Barista training at our showroom has other benefits over training on-site in that the sessions are not interrupted by service, and we have multiple machines for people to work on. This means that trainees can spend more time getting hands-on with the machine which is by far the best way to learn. Under the watch of our experienced barista trainers, we are able to see huge improvements in a relatively short amount of time.


We, at Caffeine Limited, are very proud of our training space and aim to show it off whenever we can! That is why anyone is always welcome to come and visit to see the machines and try our coffee.

With a range of traditional, bean to cup and filter machines, there is something here for everyone looking for a commercial coffee machine.

If you would like to visit the Caffeine Limited barista training and showroom space, contact our team today at 01707278400.