The Schaerer Coffee Soul is the pinnacle of the Schaerer Bean to Cup range from Caffeine Limited. Providing total automation, uncompromising quality and a tidy footprint, the Schaerer Coffee Soul is the latest generation of Schaerer technology.

Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 – Born to Be Seen


If coffee is the centre of attention for your business, then you will love the Schaerer Coffee Soul 12. With its 12.1 inches high-resolution screen, refined brass trimmings and elegant metal finishing, you can charm your self-serving customers with this bean to cup machine. The Coffee Soul 12 has two intuitive user interfaces for self-servicing, the “Guest Mode” and the “Frequent User Mode” and you can swipe and toggle to either of the modes like your daily smartphones. The guest mode is suitable for anyone who wants a guided experience to make their precise drink without any hassle. Whereas the frequent user mode allows you to select a series of shortcuts to make your favourite drink. It also includes a touchless outlet that automatically adjusts its height depending on the cup size and chosen beverage.


Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 – Your Backstage Star

The Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 is ideal for your ‘behind the counter’ scenarios. It might operate from your backroom and could be unseen but it sure will win the hearts of your customers with coffee delivered to perfection. Its 10.4 inches touchscreen can take care of all the coffee demands and its 33 cm width helps you save precious space while still delivering quality.


All New Features/Options in Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 & 12:


New Steam Wands: Auto and Supersteam

The new auto steam wand with temperature monitoring switches off automatically when the programmed temperature for your favourite drink has been reached. Although the foam consistently would be monitored manually. The supersteam on the other hand is fully automatic monitoring and shuts down when a certain temperature and foam consistency is reached. The steam pipes are also made of high-quality plastic for easy cleaning.


Best Foam

The Best Foam technology uses a blending disk to texturize and heat the milk to create perfect creamy peaks for impressive cappuccinos or silky micro-foam for the perfect flat white and everything in between. The milk foam quality is so high that it corresponds to the highest SCAE milk foam level. With the new Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 & 12, anyone can produce perfect, barista-quality coffee.


UC Cooling Unit 2 x 10 Litres

The New Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 & 12 comes with the option to select either 1 or 2, 10 litres milk containers in a large under-counter cooling.


Hot & Cold (Optional)

Another feature of the new Schaerer Coffee Soul is that it allows you to serve cold beverages at the perfect quality. It is done by first brewing the coffee hot, then the temperature is brought down automatically to 30-35 degrees Celsius.



With the New Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 & 12, you get containers for chocolate and milk powder as well as other powder beverages instead of a 3rd grinder. This is available in two versions: Individual containers for one powder only or twin topping containers with partition for two different powders.


Choose Your Colour:

A lot of times you get equipment for your café, restaurant or your workspace and it doesn’t match the aesthetics of your location. With the new Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 & 12, you can choose from colours like Copper Glossy, Red Silky Gloss, Black Glossy, Brown Silky Gloss and Green Silky Gloss. There’s also an option for you to request a colour of your choice.


Twin Milk System:

With the new Schaerer Coffee Soul 12, you can now choose from a twin milk system. This will help you expand your range of products by offering to different types of milk, for example, whole and skim milk.

Fantastic Ease of Use


User-friendly functionality allows for the option of self-service quality. The display is simple and intuitive using graphics and animated displays. The robust touchscreen minimises wear and tear damage over time.  For caterers, the new Schaerer Coffee Soul 10 & 12 allows quick service with minimal interaction from the barista. A simple button selection results in the perfect preparation of great coffee every time, allowing the barista to spend more time interacting with customers and therefore speeding up service.

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