Conti CC100

The Conti CC100 series features exceptional build quality, consistent espresso extraction, compact size and incredible value for money.

Available in Black, Red or White and configurations from small and compact 1 group through to a 3 group for higher volume location.

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Conti C100


  • Available in 1, 2 and 3 groups
  • Integrated rotative pump
  • Copper boiler
  • Thermosyphon system
  • Electric heating only
  • Boiler temperature controlled by PID system
  • Volumetric dosing
  • 2 pressure gauges : boiler pressure and pump pressure
  • 2x steams wands and 1x hot water (except 1 group: 2x steams wands and 1x hot water)
  • Automatic fill up of the boiler
  • Heating element protected by klixon



1 group 2 group 3 group
Height 500mm 500mm 500mm
Width 400mm 704mm 919mm
Depth 512mm 512mm 512mm
Boiler 5Ltr 11Ltr 18Ltr
Power 2.6kw 3.6kw 4.7kw
Weight 40kg 58kg 72kg


Additional Options

  • Display Solo kit (machine can work on a water tank)
  • Cappuccinatore Porter filter 3 cups

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