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Lever arm coffee machines can be great looking bits of kit, the Conti Sixty is a particularly attractive machine and always draws admiring stares from visitors to the Caffeine Limited Showroom. But are there other reasons for using a lever arm coffee machine?

What is the Conti Sixty?

We’ve all heard the term ‘pulling an espresso’ but on modern machines it is not exactly clear where this saying comes from. Looking at the action of a barista pulling the lever of a machine like the Conti Sixty, everything makes sense.

The original barista coffee machines were lever-arm machines, they came to define espresso coffee. Over time they were replaced by commercial coffee machines that are controlled by buttons and control boards.

The Conti Sixty is a tribute to the lever arm coffee machines of the past, with only 60 made in the world, they are a special machine and well worth a visit to the Caffeine Limited showroom.

Conti 60 close ups

Why a lever-arm coffee machine?

Some of the appeal of a lever arm coffee machine like the Conti Sixty is obvious. The theatre of the lever action and the aesthetics of the machine are real eye catchers. But there are other benefits to a lever arm machine that a skilled barista could really take advantage of.

By pulling the lever, the barista causes water to enter the brew chamber at low pressure, this water begins the pre-infusion of the coffee bed. Pre-infusion is a useful tool in adjusting the flavour profile of a coffee and improving body.

Pre-infusion affects the espresso extraction by swelling the coffee bed, before exposing it to the high final extraction pressure (around 9 bar). Exposing a dry coffee bed to these high pressures risks the chance of cracking the bed and causing channelling. Channelling refers to the process of water forcing its way through existing weak points in the coffee bed and therefore not extracting all of the bed evenly. This can result in unevenly or under extracted espresso.

On a lever arm machine like the Conti Sixty, the length of the pre-infusion time can be controlled by the barista from one shot to the next, allowing for micro-adjustments to the quality of espresso.

However, there are important considerations to consider before you invest in a beautiful lever arm machine. Each pull of the lever weighs around 10kg, asking a barista to pull hundreds of 10kg shots every day is not always going to go down very well. Equally, with so much manual control involved consistency will be harder to maintain, especially across different baristas.

The Conti Monte Carlo Commercial Coffee Machine – a modern alternative

For someone looking for the quality and control of a lever-arm Conti Sixty, but without the risks of barista exhaustion or inconsistency should seriously consider the value of the Conti Monte Carlo commercial coffee machine instead. The Conti Monte Carlo internalises the mechanisms of the Conti Sixty but keeps the ability to control complex parameters such as pre-infusion.

On the Conti Monte Carlo, pre-infusion times can be experimented with and then programmed into the machine’s systems, once saved these specifications will be delivered perfectly time and again at the touch of a button and with computer accuracy. This is a great machine for achieving the quality and detail of lever-arm machines like the Conti Sixty without the potential drawbacks for businesses working at high volume.

The Conti Monte Carlo commercial coffee machine is a fantastic machine for a business looking to provide really high-quality coffee with great attention to detail. Come and talk to us about what the Conti Monte Carlo could add to your business.

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