Having equipment that can keep up with the demand associated with the summer holiday period at Mead Open Farm is a tall order! During the summer months, attendance at the activity farm swells and with that, so does the demand on the café and the coffee machines there!

At Mead Open Farm, Caffeine Limited installed 2 Schaerer Coffee Art Supersteam bean to cup machines to meet the coffee needs of thousands of parents day trips to the farm. As bean to cup machines, the Schaerer Coffee Art Supersteam is able to produce perfect espresso coffee from fresh coffee beans at the push of a button.

This set up is ideal for a location like Mead Open Farm because a bean to cup machine does not require skilled baristas to produce quality coffee and so can be operated by anyone. Once the button is pushed, the Schaerer Supersteam will prepare the coffee while the barista attends to other customer needs.

The biggest advantage of the Schaerer Supersteam over the other machines in the Caffeine Limited range is the external, automatic steam arm. The steam arm gives the flexibility to produce a huge range of drinks using different milks and syrups. This function allows the operator to produce anything from a caramel oat latte to a honeycomb hot chocolate and anything else in between. This flexibility allows the operator to easily adjust their coffee menu to include innovative drinks and adapt to market trends.

The preparation of coffee is, of course, an essential consideration when choosing a coffee machine for a business like Mead Open Farm. However, ease of cleaning should be very high up any procurement criteria, especially for bean to cup machines. With simple on-screen animated cleaning instructions and a largely automated cleaning process, ensuring regular cleaning is easy and easy-cleaning leads to better reliability.

We are very proud to work with Mead Open Farm and always look forward to a trip down to the site!

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