What is The Schaerer Barista Coffee Machine from Caffeine Limited?

The Schaerer Barista Commercial Coffee Machine from Caffeine Limited offers the perfect solution for anyone looking for a traditional coffee making experience with minimal training or knowledge.

Classic Aesthetic State Of The Art Technology

Retaining the aesthetic of a traditional espresso machine, complete with steam wands, portafilters and all the associated sounds of barista coffee making, the Schaerer Barista looks and sounds like a traditional coffee maker. However, it is in fact a bean to cup machine with internal grinders grinding fresh coffee beans into the portafilters which are then automatically tamped before the espresso is perfectly extracted.

Combining these styles of machine makes preparing traditional espresso style coffee easy and consistent. By controlling the espresso extraction, milk foam and texture through pre-set parameters the Schaerer Barista takes consistency to another level while, like with the Schaerer Coffee Art Supersteam, allowing the theatre and personality of traditional barista style preparation.

The Sounds Of Espresso Coffee

The sounds of traditional coffee making; the knocking and the hissing of the coffee machine are what people associate with good coffee and can create a sense of expectation before the coffee is even ordered.

Ease Of Use

As an operator, it is as simple as loading the empty portafilters into the machine and pressing a button according to the type of drink you are making. The Schaerer Barista machine then doses the coffee, tamps it and begins extraction. While the espresso is being extracted, the operator can start steaming milk with the option of an automatic steam arm or a manual one. These pre-programmed milk textures allow the Schaerer Barista machine to make perfect cappuccinos, lattes, flat whites and anything in-between. Once extraction is complete, the operating barista knocks the used coffee into a box, a sound synonymous with the coffee shop experience and the machine is ready to make the next coffee!

The Schaerer Barista is perfect for hotels, caterers and bakeries – anywhere where quality, consistency and experience are important.

Schaerer Barista foaming milk

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Schaerer Barista