Coffee is great, it is what we’re all about at Caffeine Limited. With one of our quality coffee machines from Conti or Gaggia or Schaerer you’re all set to start serving great coffee. This article is part of a series for UK Coffee Week on how to get the most out of your Caffeine Limited coffee machine whether you have opted for a traditional or a bean-to-cup machine – starting with how to store your coffee!

What are the general rules?

Keep away from:

  • Air
  • Moisture
  • Light
  • Heat
  • Enjoy your coffee soon!

Why does coffee go stale?

Oxygen is not your coffee bean’s friend and oxidisation contributes to the staling of your coffee. When coffee is packaged, the oxygen is flushed from the bag before it is sealed tight. This means that the roasted beans in the bag maintain their flavour. Once these bags are opened, your coffee will be in contact with oxygen once again. The best solution is to get drinking and serving but we accept, sometimes storage is necessary. If you do need to store your beans, they should be kept in a dark, air-tight container.

Ground beans or whole beans?

Whole beans are less susceptible to the staling effects of oxygen so store your beans whole and grind your coffee beans just before use to ensure freshness!

Should I store coffee in the fridge?

Storing coffee beans in the fridge can be tempting but it isn’t recommended, this won’t add to the freshness of your coffee and coffee beans are incredibly good at absorbing flavours and smells from around them. Coffee flavour profiles can be diverse and interesting… but no one wants notes of camembert in their flat white!

Should I display my beautiful coffee beans?

Coffee in all its form is very Instagrammable but don’t be tempted to display your coffee in a glass jar! Light acts as a catalyst and speeds up the oxidisation of your roasted coffee, Instagram fame isn’t worth stale coffee. Keep your coffee in a dark place.

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