We’ve got a hot weekend coming up make sure you know how to make iced coffee for your home or business!

The Iced Latte – Step 1

The iced latte is a customer favourite, providing that familiar coffee combination in a refreshing cold drink.

Choose Your Espresso Carefully

As with all coffee-based drinks, the coffee you start with is all-important to the final quality of the drink. Using your commercial coffee machine from Caffeine Limited, extract a double shot of espresso – the best kind of coffee for this is rich and chocolatey, perhaps a South American espresso blend – perfectly extracted to give as much sweetness as possible.

How to make Iced Coffee

The Iced Latte – Step 2

How to make Iced Coffee

Prepare your ice

While the espresso cools, fill a glass with ice, the larger the ice cubes the better as small ice cubes will melt quickly and dilute the coffee with water.

A little sweeter?

Cold coffee can accentuate bitterness so if you want to add some more sweetness to your drink, add some sugar syrup to the ice at this stage (use syrup rather than sugar granules as these will not dissolve well in the cold coffee!).

The Iced Latte – Step 3


Pour your espresso over the ice and top-up the glass with fresh, chilled milk.

Give your coffee a stir to combine and enjoy!


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How to make Iced Coffee
How to make Iced Coffee