Coffee grinders can be an afterthought for people looking at purchasing coffee equipment. The focus often falls on the espresso machine and that is understandable, but when it comes to getting great coffee, a commercial coffee grinder should be given as much consideration as the commercial coffee machine itself. This post will help you to identify how to choose a commercial coffee grinder from Caffeine Limited.

The first thing to consider is whether you are going to choose a traditional barista machine, which will require an additional grinder, or a bean to cup machine, which will not. Do read about the differences between the two types, click here.

Caffeine Limited supplies a range of coffee grinders from manufacturers such as Compak, Mazzer, Macap and Quamer, to suit any level of capacity or demand. There are a number of things to consider when choosing the right coffee grinder.

What to look for


Coffee grinders need to be ‘dialled in’ in order to achieve the perfect extraction. The process involves adjusting the distance between the grinding blades or burrs and therefore adjusting the size of the ground coffee particles. Having a grinder that maintains consistency of grind size, even as the grinder heats up with use, is essential in maintaining standards throughout the day.


Being able to obtain the correct dose in your basket quickly is vital in keeping the production of your coffee running smoothly and swiftly.

This can be achieved in two ways: On-demand grinders will grind one dose worth of coffee beans when prompted by the barista, dosing grinders will grind coffee until their chamber is full and therefore can hold 6 shots worth of coffee pre-ground and ready to be quickly dosed by the barista.

This speed will also depend on the output of the motor and the RPM at which the burrs rotate.


Having a coffee grinder that can keep up with your demand is also very important as they must be able to maintain a stable temperature and have enough motor power to keep grinding throughout the day.

Having a high capacity commercial coffee machine that is not matched by a high capacity commercial grinder will lead to inefficiency and a slower service.


Your commercial coffee grinder needs to be as reliable as your commercial coffee machine. If your grinder goes down, so does your service.

Ease of use

Having a coffee grinder that fulfils all of these criteria and is easy to understand and use, or has programmable settings, takes the guesswork out of grinding and dosing and will vastly improve your coffee offering

On-demand vs Dosing Grinders

Then there are other considerations! Should you go for an on-demand grinder, from like the Compak E6 for instance, which grinds beans fresh for each dose ensuring the greatest level of freshness of accuracy? Or should you go for a grinder with a dosing chamber like the Macap MX, which ensures a quicker service, particularly in busy periods?

This decision will come down to the demands of your individual business. Our team can guide and advise you on which type of grinder will best suit your situation so get in touch on +01707 278 400.

Each of the commercial coffee grinders available from Caffeine Limited have been selected for their consistency and reliability and their ability to match the quality of our commercial coffee machines.

The decision on which grinder to choose will come down to budget and to your style of service. Caffeine Limited supplies great options for either type of coffee grinder. Get in touch with us to find out more!

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