Looks aren’t everything… but they are certainly something and when it comes to commercial coffee machines, they are something worth considering!

Not for one second are we suggesting that aesthetics should be your only consideration when choosing a coffee machine for your coffee shop or offices, but it should certainly be taken into account, here’s why.

For those of us who are avid coffee drinkers, the very sound of a coffee machine, or the smell of freshly ground beans, or the site of a barista in action is enough to convince us to get our wallets out and buy ourselves a cup of black gold (coffee!).


For businesses that put coffee at the heart of what they do, the coffee machine must make a visual impact and display quality immediately. This tells the consumer that coffee is what you are about and that it is what you give priority to in your shop. Having a beautiful coffee machine allows the operator to sculpt their space around their machine and to use the equipment as an installation in the space rather than simply a coffee making tool.

The Conti Monte Carlo from Caffeine Limited is a particularly striking coffee machine. Light-up displays and barista lights cause the Conti Monte Carlo to draw the eye in any space. With customisable panels and a huge range of colours, the Monte Carlo can be made to complement and enhance the aesthetics and character of your space.

Conti 85 Caffeine Ltd
Conti Cool coffee Machine Close up


For restaurants and bars, the look of your coffee machine is equally important, but for different reasons.

Whereas a coffee shop may focus on the coffee machine and build their space around it, a bar or restaurant must use the visual aspect of a coffee machine to inform the customer that quality coffee is available and that this part of the offering is taken as seriously as the rest. Without a visible and eye-catching coffee machine, potential customers may be deterred from staying at all or may simply not consider ordering a coffee, meaning that the operator loses out on this profitable add on.

The Conti CC100 or the new Conti CC202 provide the perfect options for back-bar coffee machines with a compelling visual impact. These machines are compact and perfectly finished. Their solid build and quality materials display quality and attention-to-detail making them the perfect machines to advertise an operator’s coffee credentials from across a bar.


Bean to Cup commercial coffee machines do not summon up the same compulsion to buy coffee as a hissing and clunking traditional coffee machine like the Conti Monte Carlo or CC100 above meaning that the aesthetics of a bean to cup machine are even more important in order to convey the message of quality coffee.

Perfect for a busy office, the Schaerer Coffee Soul’s sleek design, compact size, and matt black finish declare it as a serious piece of kit, able to make an impact anywhere from a busy office to a large café.

Whatever the coffee needs of your business, at Caffeine Limited we have the machine for you. contact us today and find out more.

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Schaerer Coffee Soul from Caffeine Ltd