Espresso is the basis for all of the most popular coffees in the UK. From Flat White to Latte, Americano to Cappuccino first comes the perfect espresso! With the right coffee machine from Caffeine Limited, perfecting your espresso extraction is easy.

What do we mean by perfect extraction?

Espresso coffee is extracted under pressure and should result in a rich, creamy, aromatic liquid. If espresso is over-extracted, the coffee will taste bitter and will lose its complexity. If espresso is under-extracted it will be light and acidic. An uneven extraction will result in parts of over-extraction and parts of under extraction. The perfect extraction results in the perfect espresso!

What do I need for the perfect espresso extraction?

Extracting quality espresso is what the coffee machines and equipment from Caffeine Limited are all about. Our grinders, our espresso machines and our barista tools are all designed to produce the perfect espresso extraction.

From simple tools like the tamper, used by baristas to evenly compact ground coffee, to the sophisticated technology of the Schaerer bean-to-cup machines the end goal is perfect espresso. Caffeine Limited has everything you need to achieve it.

Espresso Extraction in a Traditional Conti Espresso Machine

On one of Caffeine Limited’s traditional Conti espresso machines, extraction is manually managed by a barista. Consistency is key here; the barista prepares the coffee so that the espresso is extracted evenly. To extract the perfect espresso the barista adjusts the coarseness of the grind, tamps evenly and extracts the correct dose. Having the right coffee equipment makes this process quick and consistent. Caffeine Limited’s Compak E6 grinder delivers consistent coffee grinding throughout service. A Conti Espresso machine will deliver stable temperatures and can be pre-programmed to a desired recipe. Pre-infusion settings can also be applied to perfect extraction even further! It is through stability within the coffee machine and consistency among baristas that perfect espresso extraction is delivered every time.

Espresso Extraction in a Schaerer Bean-to-Cup Machine

With one of Caffeine Limited’s Schaerer bean-to-cup machines, extraction is pre-programmed by our expert baristas and engineers to our customer’s specifications. With complex variables and capabilities these Schaerer machines can be programmed to deliver the perfect extraction at the push of a button. Once programmed, they will deliver consistent-quality time and again.

For either type of machine, keeping your coffee beans fresh is important! Find out more about how to look after your coffee beans in our other blog posts.