It’s that time of the year again, cold nights, warm fires, crisp air and also time for the annual Drake & Morgan Barista competition!!

Last year saw the first of its kind, a competition where D&M send their best baristas from all 29 sites to battle it out and be crowned coffee champion! Drake & Morgan are riddled with fantastic baristas who are all very enthusiastic and competitively nature towards producing the best coffee which includes everything from perfecting the Espresso base, Latte Art and overall knowledge surrounding the subject.

Over a 2 day competition the following tests were conducted:

Day 1

  • Cupping Session – Trying to Identify tasting notes and matching up London Calling blends to appropriate cup.
  • Grinder Calibration – One of the most important parts of any Barista’s day is so ensure that your espresso (The base to every coffee) is hitting the sweet spot and tasting as it should do- Well Rounded, Bold and Smooth! London Calling Trainers offset the grinder either making the coffee too find or course to test the competitors to correct the perfect brew ratio in efficient time.
  • Drinks Menu – Pulling out of a hat, contestants will be given a menu making up of 3 drinks where they will be judged on speed, order of produce and overall beverage making skills. Differentiating your milk technique and showing you understand how to produce two different beverages with the same milk helps save time in a busy atmosphere.
  • Latte Art – Who is the prettiest of them all? Judged on position, contrast and pattern symmetry!
  • Quiz – Testing their overall knowledge around the coffee subject and all things London Calling!!

Day 2

  • Coffee Cocktail
    • Contestants are asked to produce a unique coffee cocktail which is not an espresso martini or Irish coffee but something completely different. A name & reasoning must be given whilst presenting with confidence and showing off your knowledge on what you are serving as customers love to ask questions and know what they are drinking and why. The best cocktails usually make it onto the menu which is a proud thing to be able to say.

Last year saw fierce competition with Thalles Pontes from ‘The Refinery- Bankside’ taking home the crown. Back to defend his title, he produced a fine display across the board including a cocktail labelled ‘The Calling Champion’ which proved to be popular.

Thalles regained his crown and proved again, the worthy winner who receives another batch of London Calling Coffee, LC T-Shirt and finally a domestic Gaggia Coffee machine to take home!!!

Congratulations to all finalists, we look forward to hosting you again next year!!

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