What is Filter Coffee?

Filter coffee is a huge growth area in the UK and having the right commercial filter coffee machine from Caffeine Limited will help your business make the most of the growth opportunity.

Bunn commercial filter coffee machines offer an additional product to traditional espresso coffee. Commercial filter coffee machines extract coffee by dripping water through a bed of ground coffee, rather than forcing water through a compact puck of ground coffee as in espresso extraction.

Filter coffees have a different profile to espresso coffee. A filter coffee can be consumed black or with a splash of milk. Filter coffees can often have a clean, delicate taste and can demonstrate the complexity of a coffee. Espresso coffee, with its origins in Italy, is dominant in the UK and other Western European countries. However, filter coffee is popular in North America and among Scandinavians who are the biggest drinkers of coffee in the world!


Why Consider a Commercial Filter Coffee Machine?



Espresso coffee will continue to be the core of coffee provision in the UK. Filter coffee, however, not only adds another option for your customers but can be a valuable additional revenue stream. Unlike espresso coffee, coffee from a Bunn filter coffee machine can be brewed in advance and effectively stored in insulated Bunn Servers for up to 4 hours.

This ability to prepare filter coffee in advance makes filter coffee from a Bunn filter coffee machine a great queue busting option.

For hotels and caterers, bulk brewing filter coffee machines are perfect as quality coffee can be prepared in advance and then served easily and quickly on-demand at peak periods. For cafés and coffee shops, the trend towards filter coffee should be embraced as an additional offering and a great quick-serve queue buster.


Why choose Bunn from Caffeine Limited?



Caffeine Limited supplies a range of Bunn bulk-brew filter coffee machines to suit any level of demand.

Bunn filter coffee machines are

The Bunn ICB is able to brew 5L of filter coffee every 10 minutes, the Bunn Dual Titan is able to brew enough to fill two 11L servers!

Bunn’s commitment to quality is demonstrated by the ICB brewer achieving an amazing 95-98% uniformity of extraction, delivering a really well-balanced cup.

With Caffeine Limited’s knowledge, experience and support you can get the most out of your Bunn filter coffee machine.

Contact us at sales@caffeinelimited.co.uk to find out more or to come and see the machines in action in our showroom!