Choosing the right Schaerer Bean to Cup Coffee Machine for your business is a big deal. At Caffeine Limited, we’re here to help you decide on the best commercial coffee machine for your situation.

The Schaerer bean to cup coffee machines from Caffeine Limited offer an excellent coffee solution for bars, restaurants, offices and cafés. Choosing the right one is important, our experts can help!

If you are looking for a coffee machine for your business, start by reading our blog post on the difference between traditional and bean to cup machines by clicking here. If you have decided on a bean to cup machine, then Caffeine Limited has a Schaerer coffee machine to suit you.

As bean to cup machines, Schaerer coffee machines take fresh beans and fresh milk to produce perfect coffees at the touch of a button. The range of Schaerer commercial coffee machines available from Caffeine Limited is designed to offer a suitable solution to any businesses and covers the full possible scope of demand and capacity.

The best way to decide which machine is most suitable for your business is to contact our team using the contact form at the bottom of our homepage or call us on +01707 278 400. However, this blog post is designed to give you a starting idea as to which Schaerer machine is most suitable for your situation.

The Schaerer Coffee Club

The Schaerer Coffee Club is the smallest in the Schaerer range. Perfect for the Schaerer Coffee Club is the perfect coffee machine for small offices, gyms and salons. Its small size and footprint make it a great option for businesses that have limited space. With the options of an internal water tank or to be plumbed in as well as 13amp power supply, it can be used anywhere and so is a hugely convenient coffee machine.

The Schaerer coffee club is capable of producing 80 cups a day and can produce all the coffee menu essentials from a macchiato to a latte. In addition to these classic coffees, your coffee club can also make great hot chocolate and has a hot water tap for making teas and americanos.

The Schaerer Coffee Club is also a great self-service option due to its ease of use and user-friendly touchscreen display. In addition, with the option of Bluetooth connectivity and the coffeeMYstation smartphone app, you can configure beverage options easily on your phone.

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The Schaerer Coffee Soul

Schaerer Coffee Soul

The Schaerer Coffee Soul is the next step up in capacity from the Schaerer Coffee Club. With a slim footprint, the Schaerer Coffee Soul remains a compact machine and will fit comfortably on most bars or countertops.  Two built in hoppers and a hot chocolate compartment mean that the Schaerer Coffee Soul packs a lot of capability into its small footprint. With the additional option of an under counter fridge, the machine width can be as little as just 33cm.

The Schaerer Coffee Soul is the perfect coffee machine for bars, garden centres, restaurants and large offices. With the option of Schaerer’s Best Foam technology, the Coffee Soul can produce a full range of coffee drinks and hot chocolate. With a syrup station add-on, the Schaerer Coffee Soul is able to create flavoured drinks as well.

Able to make 250 drinks a day, the Schaerer Coffee Soul is a great medium capacity coffee option. Quick to clean and easy to operate, the Coffee Soul can be used by anyone to produce quality coffees. With its Uptime descaling system the machine can be descaled on site using a descaling cartridge as part of a cleaning programme, preventing scale related issues and keeping the machine ready for service.

As with all Schaerer coffee machines, the automatic cleaning programme is simple to follow and takes just a few minutes. With great ease of use,

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The Schaerer Best Foam


The Schaerer Coffee Art with Best Foam is the most expansive and capable machine in the Schaerer range. Capable of making hundreds of drinks per hour, the Coffee Art with Best Foam is for high volume sites and is able to provide fast and consistent service.

With Best Foam technology, this machine is able to produce coffees that are at a standard that would make a trained barista blush. Producing perfectly textured milk and expertly extracted espresso every time, this machine is for people who are serious about maintaining speed and standards in their coffee production.

With such a high level of capacity and quality, the Schaerer Coffee Art Plus with Best Foam is perfect for coffee shops, busy restaurants, canteens and hotels.

With optional add-ons of powder systems for chocolate and flavour points for syrups, the Schaerer Coffee Art Plus can be customised to suit your needs.

Cleaning the machine at the end of service is easy and quick with an animated display guiding you through the process and sensors checking that each stage has been carried out.

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The Schaerer Barista

Schaerer Barista

The Schaerer Barista may look like a traditional machine but it is in fact a bean to cup with crossovers from a traditional machine. Combining these styles of machine makes preparing traditional espresso style coffee easy and consistent. With portafilters and steam wands, the Schaerer Barista looks, feels and sounds like a traditional machine. However, by controlling the espresso extraction, milk foam and texture through pre-set parameters the Barista takes consistency to another level while, like with the Schaerer Coffee Art Supersteam, allowing the theatre and personality of barista preparation.

As an operator, it is as simple as loading the empty portafilters into the machine and pressing a button according to the type of drink you are making. The Schaerer Barista machine then doses the coffee, tamps it and begins extraction. While the espresso is being extracted, the operator can start steaming milk with the option of an automatic steam arm or a manual one. Once extraction is complete, the operating barista knocks the used coffee into a box, a sound synonymous with the coffee shop experience.

As with all of the other Schaerer coffee machines, cleaning is quick and easy. The barista simply follows the on screen instructions to begin the automated cleaning process.

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