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Brake And Morgan

Drake and Morgan Barista Competition

Drake & Morgan Competition 2019- It’s that time of the year again, cold nights, warm fires, crisp air and also time for the annual Drake & Morgan Barista competition!! Last year saw the first of its kind, a competition where D&M send their best baristas from all 29 sites to battle it out and be…

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Bunn ICBA Twin 37600.0000 ICB TWIN SS 2

Best for Business – Bunn ICB-TWIN Dual Infusion Series Stainless Steel Coffee Brewer

The Bunn ICB-TWIN Dual Infusion Series Stainless Steel Coffee Brewer may not have the most catchy name in the coffee world but it is a machine that is worth getting to know for anyone looking to invest in a coffee machine for their business. Part of the less tongue twisting Bunn-ICB range, this brewer is…

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Conti Monte Carlo

Top 5 coffee machines for a coffee shop from Caffeine Limited

Thinking about starting your own café or coffee shop but finding yourself daunted by the decisions you have to make? Then read this blog post where we take a look at our top 5 options when looking for the best coffee machine for a coffee shop to help you make the final decision!   To…

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Caffeine Limited go to Origin – The Honduras Trip

Honduras, in Southern-Central America is a beautiful country, swathed in dense forests and mountainous peaks. It is a nation of coffee growers with 15 out of the 18 regions producing coffee. The high altitudes and warm climate are perfect for growing coffee and Honduras is renowned for the quality of their coffees produced. Caffeine Limited…

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Caffeine Limited Showroom Web Straight

The Caffeine Limited Barista Training Room

  Our fantastic space is open to you    

Schaerer Certified Service Partner Web Format

Caffeine Limited is a certified Schaerer Service Partner

Becoming a certified Schaerer Service Partner What does being a Schaerer Service Partner mean? Becoming a Schaerer Service Partner requires a company to show that they are able to deliver a consistent service, in-line with Schaerer’s high global standard. At Caffeine Limited, we were able to demonstrate through our national service network and ongoing investment…

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Joe Making Coffee

How to optimise your workflow for faster coffee service

Why is workflow in coffee service important It is 7:20am on a rainy Tuesday morning and everyone is rushing towards their morning commute. The air is full of the tantalising smell of freshly ground coffee and the familiar hiss of a coffee machine comes from a nearby café. It is all too tempting and you…

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Latte Coffee And Book

Your guide to getting the most out of your coffee offering on international coffee day

International Coffee Day 2019 The 1st of October is international coffee day and marks the start of the real coffee season for operators and suppliers. To make sure you are getting the most from your coffee offering this international coffee day, we at Caffeine Limited have collated a catalogue of blog posts designed to make…

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Winter Coffee Caffeine Logo Web Format

Winter is Coming – Is your coffee offering ready?

Winter is coming… its time to address your coffee offering in preparation for this most important time of year for caterers! Not so long ago, we learnt that even the world of Game of Thrones was preparing for winter with a hot coffee after eagle-eyed viewers spotted Daenerys with a takeaway cup close at hand.…

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Conti Monte Carlo in the dark

How important is it for your commercial coffee machine to look good?

Looks aren’t everything… but they are certainly something and when it comes to commercial coffee machines, they are something worth considering! Not for one second are we suggesting that aesthetics should be your only consideration when choosing a coffee machine for your coffee shop or offices, but it should certainly be taken into account, here’s…

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