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Joe Making Coffee

How to optimise your workflow for faster coffee service

Why is workflow in coffee service important It is 7:20am on a rainy Tuesday morning and everyone is rushing towards their morning commute. The air is full of the tantalising smell of freshly ground coffee and the familiar hiss of a coffee machine comes from a nearby café. It is all too tempting and you…

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Latte Coffee And Book

Your guide to getting the most out of your coffee offering on international coffee day

International Coffee Day 2019 The 1st of October is international coffee day and marks the start of the real coffee season for operators and suppliers. To make sure you are getting the most from your coffee offering this international coffee day, we at Caffeine Limited have collated a catalogue of blog posts designed to make…

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Winter Coffee Caffeine Logo Web Format

Winter is Coming – Is your coffee offering ready?

Winter is coming… its time to address your coffee offering in preparation for this most important time of year for caterers! Not so long ago, we learnt that even the world of Game of Thrones was preparing for winter with a hot coffee after eagle-eyed viewers spotted Daenerys with a takeaway cup close at hand.…

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Coffee Mystery 2

Do you know what a coffee fruit looks like? From tree to cup, follow the journey of coffee in our latest blog!

Coffee as a product can be taken for granted, both by consumers and operators, but the journey of coffee from source to your cup is complicated and often surprising! When anyone comes to the Caffeine Limited Showroom in Welwyn Garden City, they are greeted by the familiar smell of freshly ground coffee and the sounds…

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How to tamp coffee properly

How to tamp coffee properly – Getting the most from your Caffeine Limited Coffee Machine

Our head barista trainer Jackson writes about how to tamp coffee properly. What is it? Why is it important and what are your options? Tamping is often viewed as one of those mythical rituals that you see your barista performing on the other side of the counter. A shrug of your baristas shoulders as they…

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Espresso Extraction from a naked portafilter

Espresso – It’s in the Extraction

Espresso is the basis for all of the most popular coffees in the UK. From Flat White to Latte, Americano to Cappuccino first comes the perfect espresso! With the right coffee machine from Caffeine Limited, perfecting your espresso extraction is easy. What do we mean by perfect extraction? Espresso coffee is extracted under pressure and…

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Coffee Beans Big

How to Store Coffee – Getting the best from your Caffeine Limited Coffee Machine

Coffee is great, it is what we’re all about at Caffeine Limited. With one of our quality coffee machines from Conti or Gaggia or Schaerer you’re all set to start serving great coffee. This article is part of a series for UK Coffee Week on how to get the most out of your Caffeine Limited…

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