Caffeine Limited now offering real-time telemetry on all Schaerer machines.

Caffeine Limited can now offer Schaerer’s newly developed M2M Coffee Link real-time telemetry system across its full range of advanced bean-to-cup coffee machines. The system can collect and communicate detailed information, right down to individual drinks made, and has a comprehensive range of options for controlling operation and service processes.

Using newly designed software optimised to meet the requirements of commercial coffee machine owners, encrypted data is sent to a secure web portal that can be accessed via desktop or tablet. It is also fully compatible with a range of enterprise resource planning systems allowing it to be used in any size of business, from single-location coffee shops to multiple chains. A full range of custom OEM solutions is also possible.

The system is designed to help operators optimise the “total cost of ownership” of fully automatic coffee machines. Reporting information can be monitored via the web portal, or data can be exported for use in external systems.

A range of alerts can be fully configured and, if required, specific alerts can be set up. For example, maintenance reminders or repair alerts can be sent directly to engineers, or stock consumption levels and ‘empty’ alerts can be sent to suppliers. Regular maintenance tasks like descaling or filter changes can be accurately planned, based on actual use.

The level of information gathered is extremely precise, from the exact time each stage of preparation takes, to how much of each ingredient is used. This can help to reduce stock costs and overall downtime. The data can be used for customer analysis, and is useful in maintaining health and safety audit trails and HACCP compliance.

“We’re starting to see more and more machinery integrating online connectivity and reporting systems,” says Justin Stockwell, Managing Director of Caffeine. “M2M Coffee Link will be a huge benefit to companies in terms of management data, as well as reducing running costs and improving efficiency and quality.”

Caffeine Ltd Schaerer Certified Service Partner