Company ramps up its commitment to providing “benchmark” for customer service.

Caffeine Limited welcomes two new additions to its team with the appointment of Tim Westmacott, joining the company as service manager, and Dave Short, who becomes senior engineer.

Tim has 26 years experience in the coffee industry, covering a wide variety of roles from field service engineer, operations director and five years as account manager/director. Twenty years ago he worked with Caffeine Limited’s managing director Justin Stockwell at Chevron Limited.

“We have a fantastic opportunity to deliver excellent customer service within the espresso coffee market, where most are currently failing,” says Tim. “The premium coffee market has been growing rapidly for some years now and it shows no signs of slowing in the foreseeable future. I think we can build an equipment and service solution to compete with the very best.”

Tim brought in Dave Short, who was his “right hand man” at their previous company. “Dave shares the same ideas and ethics I do about field service and the best way to deliver this to the customer. He’s integral to our plans for the future and will be a major asset to Caffeine.”

Dave Short entered into the foodservice industry 25 years ago, with 13 spent in the coffee sector.

“When Tim introduced me to Justin, I was very impressed with his vision of creating an in-house service operation that sets the standard in the UK,” he says. “It’s going to be hard work to begin with, but I’ll initially be working out in the field alongside our distributor partners to get a complete picture of our customers’ requirements.

“As the speciality coffee market increases, we need the expertise to ensure that we have the right equipment set up and maintained correctly to provide the best quality coffee to our customers.”

“I’m pleased to have signed two of the most experienced coffee service specialists to the Caffeine team,” says Managing Director Justin Stockwell, “We are totally committed to providing the best customer support and these guys will really help us deliver it.”