Use Schaerer’s flavour point system to mix up some seasonal treats.

With Christmas fast approaching, caterers looking for a cost-effective way to expand their seasonal coffee menu should consider the flavour point system from Schaerer, available in the UK through Caffeine Limited.

Schaerer’s Coffee Art bean-to-cup machines allow operators to produce barista quality coffee at the touch of a screen. The Flavour Point unit is an optional bolt-on that attaches seamlessly to the range and is capable of holding four different bottles of syrup or alcohol to flavour drinks. This allows operators to create special drinks by programming specific mixtures of syrup, milk, and coffee. Up to 40 beverages can be programmed into the Schaerer machines, including chocolate and cold drinks, so operators can quickly change their coffee menu to feature seasonal specials.

Given the wide range of syrups available on the market, from fruit and herbs to flavours like salted caramel, donut and maple spice, operators looking for inspiration for Christmas-themed drinks are spoilt for choice. There are also ready-made ‘specials’ like gingerbread or speculoos, which is a traditional Dutch Christmas biscuit.

In order to demonstrate the flexibility offered by Schaerer’s flavour point system, Caffeine Ltd has come up with some simple ideas for festive coffee drinks. For example, combine gingerbread syrup and chocolate cookie syrup to create a chocolate gingerbread cookie latte. For a Christmas hot chocolate, just add gingerbread syrup and mint, to make a seasonal treat customers are sure to love.