Caffeine has been working throughout the pandemic to ensure those businesses lucky enough to remain open have been catered for and their needs have been met. With a large chunk of the hospitality industry to remain closed until the 17th of May at the earliest, we believe the time is now to act and prepare for the much-anticipated return to ‘normality’. These are our top tips to make sure you are ready when the time comes:

  1. Make sure your coffee machine is in tiptop condition

Picture it now; your once beloved and regularly used coffee machine that once adorned the space you work in has been neglected, left to sit for a year and is beginning to feel a bit sorry for itself. When an espresso machine is left for this unusually extended period of time, just like a car, the inner workings of it can begin to faulter, subject to the build up of limescale and other functional faults that can occur as a result of irregular use.

We recommend that you book in with our team of engineers as soon as you can, so they can diagnose any required maintenance that is needed to get you back into fighting shape, ready for re-opening. Acting early will mean you beat the rush and are in prime position to serve the swathes of customers looking for great coffee in your space.

  1. Stock up on (great) coffee

What is one thing that the army of WFH-ers have had to endure over the past year? Something that in their regular day-to-day lives they took for granted, something that for many people acts as a key ingredient to a productive working day. Well, the answer is sub-standard coffee. Be that the cursed instant coffee out of a jar or the now-more-regular espresso pods, the notion to pop out on your work break to grab a coffee will be making an epic comeback as offices up and down the country begin to fill out with the gradual easing of restrictions.

That is why you want to be serving the very best in coffee quality, making sure that those that visit you on their coffee stop keep coming back again and again.  Caffeine is proud to have its own brand of coffee, London Calling, available to purchase wholesale. Supplying cafes, bars and restaurants with 3 of its own signature blends of espresso as well as decaf and filter options, Caffeine Limited can provide you with the right coffee for your business.

  1. Refresh your memory!

The human element is the final ingredient to what makes a quality coffee, and after so long out of the game, we can understand if your coffee making skills are not what they used to be. Free training courses, delivered by our team of professional baristas, support purchase of an espresso machine or order of London Calling coffee and are designed to educate and inspire; Educate you and your staff on how to optimise your espresso machine, and the taste and consistency of your coffee; Inspire you to take pride in the coffee you serve to your customers.

All things considered, we hope that business can resume as normal when allowed and with the help of your friends here at Caffeine, you are supported along every step of the way to make this transition back to normality as smooth as possible.