Coffee Soul

The brand new Schaerer Coffee Soul is due for release early in 2017.

This brand new model range will feature Best Foam Technology as well as the newly patented Uptime descaling system that allows your staff to de-scale your machine over night preventing any lime scale related issues. This is also backed up with the fully automatic cleaning programme for the coffee and milk system.

The new Coffee Soul is only 33 centimeters wide which is great for back bar counters where space is a premium. There is also a brand new 8″ touch screen display which can be used for staff operation or self service mode as well as:

  • Two 1.2kg bean hoppers and a hot chocolate/milk powder canister are standard.
  • A 10 litre milk fridge can be positioned either side of the machine

The Schearer Coffee Soul is ideal for offices, small restaurants, coffee bars, golf courses and car dealerships.

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Schaerer Coffee Soul


  • 2 Integrated Coffee Grinders with a 1.2kg bean hopper per grinder, plus hot chocolate dispenser
  • 8” Touch Screen with upto 40 drink options
  • Standard Power – 30amp/Single phase (Up to 150 coffees per hour)
  • Power adjustable Outlet from 65 to 185mm
  • Grounds Container for approx 50 coffees or undercounter drop chute
  • 1 x CS Pumped 8 Litre Fresh Milk Fridge (Hot or Cold Milk drinks)
  • Best Foam technology
  • Automatic Cleaning & rinsing system

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