The innovative Uptime! system on the Schaerer Coffee Soul

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Posted on 25th July 2019 in News, Schaerer

Innovative Uptime! Descaling System on the Schaerer Coffee Soul

This article introduces the innovative Uptime! descaling system of the Schaerer Coffee Soul from Caffeine Limited. The Uptime! system allows operators to get the most from their coffee machine by reducing downtime associated with the build up of scale.

The Threat of Coffee Machine Downtime

Coffee is an essential part of many of our days and for a café or restaurant, the ability to serve coffee is vital. That means that when a coffee machine goes out of use, it can have consequences for both customers and business owners.

For this reason, it is so important to invest in a machine that is easy to look after and not going to cost you more in the long-term through extended periods of down-time.

When it comes to coffee machines, a build-up of scale is something that if not addressed can lead to costly repairs and the need for your machine to be recalled in order to perform a full descale. Scale is particularly prevalent in coffee machines due to repeated heating and cooling of water and so measures must be taken to combat the issue.

Combating Downtime with the Schaerer Coffee Soul

The Schaerer Coffee Soul from Caffeine Limited is designed to limit down-time and make it easy for anyone to perform essential maintenance to their coffee machine, including descaling procedures.

Descaling the Schaerer Coffee Soul can be done without the need for an engineer callout, dangerous descaling procedures or machine recalls making it a money saving option and hugely convenient.

The Uptime! feature on a Schaerer Coffee Soul allows the user to descale their coffee machine using a special cartridge that, when used alongside the Uptime! programme on the Schaerer Coffee Soul, is able to perform a descale procedure overnight, ready for use in the morning. This innovation can help to prevent scale-related malfunctions and therefore avoid downtime!

Easy Cleaning on the Schaerer Coffee Soul

As well as easy descaling, the Schaerer Coffee Soul is designed to make day-to-day cleaning as easy as possible as well. With an automated cleaning regime, illustrated by easy to follow, on-screen graphics, cleaning the Schaerer Coffee Soul is quick and easy.

Keeping your coffee machine clean and clear of scale will help to prolong its useable life and limit downtime. With the Uptime! functionality of the Schaerer Coffee Soul, keeping your coffee machine in good working order is easy to do!

More about the Schaerer Coffee Soul

The Schaerer Coffee Soul is a bean to cup machine producing quality coffee from fresh coffee beans and real milk. With a slim width and compact footprint, the Schaerer Coffee Soul will fit comfortably on most bars or countertops. The Schaerer Coffee Soul is the perfect coffee machine for bars, garden centres, restaurants and large offices.

Able to make up to 250 drinks a day, the Schaerer Coffee Soul is a great medium capacity coffee option. Easy to clean and easy to use, the Coffee Soul can be used by anyone to produce quality coffees.

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Schaerer Coffee Soul
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