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Posted on 30th September 2019 in Getting the most from your coffee machine, News

International Coffee Day 2019

The 1st of October is international coffee day and marks the start of the real coffee season for operators and suppliers.

To make sure you are getting the most from your coffee offering this international coffee day, we at Caffeine Limited have collated a catalogue of blog posts designed to make sure you are making the best coffee possible.

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How to store coffee properly

Firstly, make sure you are taking care of your coffee before you make it by following this guide to storing your coffee properly. Having stale coffee beans is a big no-no, especially on international coffee day.

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Espresso Extraction – everything you need to know

Having the best coffee beans in the world (stored properly!) is great but if they are not extracted properly, you won’t be getting the most out of them. Read our guide to espresso extraction here.

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How to tamp coffee like a pro

A key element in achieving the perfect espresso extraction is perfecting the perfect ‘tamp’. Tamping prepares the coffee bed before it is exposed to hot water and a bad tamping technique can lead to uneven extraction and a poor quality espresso. Ensure you are following these tips to maintain coffee quality

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How to clean a commercial coffee machine

To make sure your coffee is perfect everyday and every serve, you need to make sure you are cleaning it properly! Read our handy cleaning guide here and pass on the message to your entire team.

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How to make the perfect iced coffee

Iced coffee silly season is drawing to a close but many customers will continue to order this refreshing caffeinated option long into winter. Make sure your iced coffee offering is up to scratch.

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The Coffee journey from tree to cup

Do you know enough about coffee to tell your customers a compelling story and answer any questions that they have? This post guides you along the coffee journeyfrom plant to cup through harvesting, processing and roasting. Being able to talk about the journey of your coffee can add a lot to your customer experience, particularly on international coffee day. Find out everything you need to know here!

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