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Getting to know the Conti Traditional Espresso Machine Range from Caffeine Limited

Conti Traditional Espresso Machines The smell of freshly ground beans, the chatter of people and the unmistakable hiss and sputter of coffee being prepared on a traditional coffee machine – just the idea of these things can be enough to sell coffee, that is the power of a traditional espresso machine. At Caffeine Limited, we…

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Nandos Logo Pop Up

Coffee Machine Installed at the Nandos Pop-up event in London

Nandos Pop-up Today, Nandos have opened an exciting new pop-up event in Shoreditch, East London! Caffeine Limited has installed a Conti CC100 Compact in to the Nandos Yard Pop-Up space ready for the event to kick off. The event is about creating a free space for hanging out in London with a range of events…

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How to tamp coffee properly

How to tamp coffee properly – Getting the most from your Caffeine Limited Coffee Machine

Our head barista trainer Jackson writes about how to tamp coffee properly. What is it? Why is it important and what are your options? Tamping is often viewed as one of those mythical rituals that you see your barista performing on the other side of the counter. A shrug of your baristas shoulders as they…

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Caffeine Limited Showroom Web Straight


Entering the world of coffee machines for the first time can be daunting. Full of terminology and statistics, it can be difficult to get an understanding of what machine will best fit your needs. This blog post is designed to help you to understand how to choose the right commercial coffee machine for you.  …

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How to make iced coffee

How to make iced coffee – Perfect for the hot weekend

We’ve got a hot weekend coming up make sure you know how to make iced coffee for your home or business!     Iced coffee is the best thing since hot coffee – here’s how to make the perfect Iced Coffee drink! With a commercial coffee machine from Caffeine Limited such as the Conti CC100,…

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Conti 60 Side Profile

Lever-arm commercial coffee machines – the Conti Sixty

Eye Catching Coffee Machines Lever arm coffee machines can be great looking bits of kit, the Conti Sixty is a particularly attractive machine and always draws admiring stares from visitors to the Caffeine Limited Showroom. But are there other reasons for using a lever arm coffee machine? What is the Conti Sixty? We’ve all heard…

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Cleaning a Conti Commercial Coffee Machine from Caffeine Limited

How to Clean a Commercial Coffee Machine

How to clean a coffee machine: Keeping your Caffeine Limited commercial coffee machine clean is absolutely vital. Not only will it keep the coffee you produce tasting fresh, it will keep your machine in good working order. Many of the most common and costly coffee machine issues come down to poor cleaning day-to-day maintenance. This…

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Espresso Extraction from a naked portafilter

Espresso – It’s in the Extraction

Espresso is the basis for all of the most popular coffees in the UK. From Flat White to Latte, Americano to Cappuccino first comes the perfect espresso! With the right coffee machine from Caffeine Limited, perfecting your espresso extraction is easy. What do we mean by perfect extraction? Espresso coffee is extracted under pressure and…

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Traditional Vs Bean To Cup

Traditional Vs. Bean-to-Cup Commercial Coffee Machines

In catering, events, pubs, and offices a quality coffee offering is becoming a must have. But knowing what kind of coffee machine is right for your situation can be overwhelming. This article aims to clarify the difference between ‘traditional’ and ‘bean-to-cup’ commercial coffee machines and how to choose which type would be best for you!…

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Stock Coffee Pour

Coffee: An Opportunity for Bars and Pubs

Bars and pubs should look towards coffee as another valuable opportunity to diversify their offering. Caffeine Limited can help to choose the right coffee equipment for your business whether that be a traditional Conti Espresso machine or a Schaerer Bean-to-Cup alternative. With demand for coffee in the UK continuing to grow, the ability to offer a quality…

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